About MTEX Health


MTEX Health is a new division of Australian owned Full Power Technology Pty Ltd, based in Sydney Australia. Founded by Mr. Peter Shandley in 1995, Full Power Technology was set up to provide high quality technical products and services for the telecommunications/ cellular industry and nutritional markets alike. With the growth of MTEX Health the company has become more focused on the rapidly escalating global need for health and wellness.

Through a growing scientific understanding of our increasing toxic pollution (caused mainly by industrial growth), decreasing nutrient content of our foods and ever multiplying food processing practices in our societies, MTEX Health has identified companies and research organisations that understand some of these problems and provide wellness solutions for every day life.

All products and services have been thoroughly researched for efficacy, quality and reliability, in many cases the products recommended are patented worldwide which implies that they are the “best of the best”. The manufacturers / vendors selected are in most cases well established, employ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and in some cases multi-billion dollar companies with distribution in every country worldwide.

MTEX Health fills in the missing links.

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