Liquids for Life: MRET



USA Patent No 6022479
by Quantum Biotech

MRET® - Molecular Resonance Effect Technology - Premium Liquid Activator

"No other water has profound micro-biological effect on our body except MRET activated water." - Dr Igor Smirnov | Ph.D. and M.S.

The QB Resonator Deluxe is the premium liquid activator designed for home/office usage. The QB Resonator Deluxe comes with a high quality water filter (optional) and thus is ideal for families without any existing water filtration system.

• MRET Activator Polymer (2L) Unit
• UFC Ultra Filter – water filter is optional
• Water Reservoir
• Food Grade Polycarbonate Pitcher
• 9VDC 500mAh Power Adapter
• User Manual

MRET Liquid Activator
Unit Price: $1485

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